Whitney Rolf

Whitney Rolf


  • CrossFit Level 1
  • CrossFit Endurance
  • CrossFit Judges Course
  • CPR/First Aid


Whitney is passionate about leading an active lifestyle and setting a good example for others. She specializes in endurance training and to date, has completed four Ironman Triathlons. Whitney believes CrossFit is the best way to improve both strength and stamina. As a coach, she pushes her clients to reach their fullest potential. Instead of focusing on short-term gains, she strives for long-term success.

“My goal is to make people fitter in a positive, friendly, encouraging environment. CrossFit is the most effective physical fitness program in the world and it is our passion to bring it to as many people as possible.”

Because CrossFit is infinitely scalable, Whitney wants everyone to know that CrossFit CAN be for everyone!

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